Can digital Identification systems speed up transactions and reduce fraud?

Had a good discussion with Andrew Knight of RICS on how the identity verification scheme for the home buying and selling process may impact home sales and better tackle fraud.

What are the problems around the current identify verification process?  How does this new scheme meet the UK Government’s standards and the policy objectives of DCMS and DLUCH?  How has industry responded to the scheme?  What are the advantages in terms of fraud reduction?  Where would liability sit if something goes wrong?  What are the barriers for widespread take up of the scheme?  Is this a technology issue or a standards issue?  What does the sector need to do to embrace the new standards?  What other areas of the property sector and beyond could benefit?  What are the potential uses of digital identities for RICS professionals as they increasingly share and sign off documents and transactions in a digital world?

To watch and listen to the discussion – RICS tech Partner Programme talk with Etive Technologies