Digital Log Book working with bright young people

IGGY is an online learning tool run by the University of Warwick for bright young people aged 13 to 18 to use, regardless of their background or circumstance. IGGY has already connected around 12,500 students across 80 countries who offers around 2,000 pieces of academic content for members to enjoy, updated weekly, and is the only social media platform for this age group anywhere in the world.

The IGGY platform helps members collaborate and debate with each other, and allows them to curate their own learning experience. IGGY exists to widen access to education, culture and careers, and their alumni have described how IGGY changed their lives, opening their eyes to new cultures, changing the way they look at the world and giving them access an international network of friends who have stayed with them to this day. Members credit IGGY with helping them perform more effectively at school, experience greater wellbeing and overcome social exclusion, and 40% of members mentioned their IGGY membership in their University personal statements.

IGGY has an extraordinarily talented in-house content team who’ve partnered with a number of organisations and universities to bring relevant, interesting and engaging content to members. IGGY is very safe and secure as it has a fully safeguarded website, moderated and looked after by a Community Manager, a team of postgraduate student mentors and the latest safeguarding software.

IGGY and Etive have a collaborative relationship helping each other develop an education offering for the Digital Log Book.