Family Mosaic sign up Digital Log Book for The Better Deal

The Better Deal is an initiative to support tenants in making social and financial progression during their 5 year Fixed Term Tenancy with Family Mosaic. During the fixed tenancy period they are offered help and assistance to make progress in gaining employment, learning new skills and furthering their education.

Following the probationary year, tenants are asked to sign up to an action plan which sets out what they will do to progress into work, training or education within their fixed tenancy period. They are offered employment advice, training or referrals to other organisations to support their personal progress.  If already in work, they have access to Family Mosaic’s own award winning Employment Service for information on career enhancement.

Tenants will be given their own Digital Log Book which is a secure digital portal designed to support them through their tenancy. It allows them to self document their goals, actions and progress made. It has additional features to help with writing a CV, budgeting, as well as self diagnostic tools around health, wellbeing, and community involvement.

The Digital Log Book records the tenant journey under The Better Deal from the initial let, which helps identify any barriers to work, setting goals to overcome them and recording all outcomes. Tenants will able to provide their Neighbourhood Managers with access to their Log Book to assist periodic tenancy reviews, and to evidence their engagement with The Better Deal.

“We are excited about working with Etive in piloting the Digital Log Book with our new tenants with fixed term tenancies over the coming year. It will provide our customers with a new digital platform to access our health and wellbeing services, whilst at the same time allowing them to independently document the steps of progress they make in improving their financial or social circumstances.” Jenny Mclean, Regional Housing Manager, Family Mosaic