Speaking at the OIX Identity Trust Conference 14th Oct

Really pleased to be a guest speaker at the OIX annual identity conference on the 14th October at Congress Hall, Great Russell St, London.  This face-to-face and on-line conference will be discussing a range of topics around digital identity and tackling the view that digital ID is at a tipping point and if organisations aren’t preparing for the adoption of digital ID now, they will get left behind.

I will be speaking on the digital identity trust scheme for the homebuying and selling sector working with estate agents, conveyancers/lawyers, financial intermediaries, and lenders.  This scheme is about improving the ID verification process for consumers enabling them to get their ID verified once, and once only, and can share that with all the other service providers through the transaction. Combined with this is the improvement of identity verification standards and ensuring that companies are using certified identity providers who can demonstrate that they’re working to a set of Government backed standards.  This will help build in trust into the economy of home buying and selling.

This conference is bringing together experts & Government representatives and the conference will provide a true focus on what digital ID means practically & how it will impact & benefit organisations across the economy. Learn more on the Government’s UK Trust Framework which will impact us all.

To attend the conference go to https://bit.ly/2Yj83QU

A copy of the agenda is HERE