Tenant Focus Group workshop with ASHRAM on the Digital Log Book

We ran our 2nd customer workshop with ASHRAM HA this week looking at the usability and functionality of the Digital Log Book for users. This was the 2nd of 3 and the group were really vibrant and vocal with lots of great ideas.  The next stage will be to slowly implement these great ideas and changes. This was really helpful for us. As we get more user feedback in a group enviornment with everyone sitting around PCs we got great input. Margaret, the facilitator, did a great job getting input from everyone. We got the groups to indicate how easy it is to use the Digital Log Book and we were delighted with their responses.  It was also great to see people so interested in technology and what could be achieved.  Some talked about it as a tenants information portal, which would be a bit of a basic description, as the functionality that goes into their Digital Log Book is also about upskilling people and providing them with tools to help people manage certain aspects of their lives and tenancy.  Ashram provides 1,100 homes and culturally appropriate community-based services to thousands of people around Birmingham and Coventry.  http://ashramha.org.uk/