Digital identity trust Scheme for the home buying and selling process.

The home buying and selling process is based on a high level of trust between trusted third parties such as estate agents, conveyancers & lawyers, financial intermediaries and mortgage lenders.   The core of the transaction centres on proof of identity and ownership and currently organisations will not trust identity verification carried out by another organisation. This is causing a continuing increase in time to complete the transaction with poor consumer experience and ample opportunity for identity and subsequent fraud.

The common view is that the introduction of a standards based digital identity assurance process, backed by regulators and based on Government standards, should be adopted by the industry. 

           Who are the trusted people that can do it for you?

Listen to panel discussion on digital identity with the DCMS, CLC, Hunters, MHCLG, HM Land Registry & Etive facilitated by Today’s Conveyancer – LINK

Etive are working on a sector supported project to develop a digital identity trust scheme for the home buying and selling sector, aligned to the eventual UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework that is being development by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The development of the Scheme will allow the digital identity of a home buyer/seller to be verified once and then be shared with consent by the consumer throughout the rest of the sales transaction, with all those who need to verify the identity of the conusmer.

The DCMS Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework’s objective is to ensure a standard for identity verification that can be applied across the whole UK economy. Working under this Framework, sectors across the economy are able to develop an appropriate Scheme that will meet its own sector specific needs, if they wish to.  

This Scheme,, by following GPG45 guidelines, is working to align with DCMS policy objectives and certifying identity providers (IDSP) adherence to the standard, allows IDSPs to support many methods of identity verification and provides certainty for all service providers, whilst ensuring inclusivity for consumers. is working to ensure inclusivity, especially for digitally excluded people or those considered to be ‘thin file’ e.g. those who lack a digital footprint or credit file. is for the complete home buying and selling transaction which will enable a consumer to get ther own identity verification from certified IDSPs

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