Ready to get your
Proof of Identity?

People increasingly need to prove their identity in order to buy products and services. Within the home buying and selling process, for example, you might need to prove your identity up to 5 times, which can add days each time and delays in the sale of your home.

Why pay multiple times to have your identity verified?

Now you can verify your identity in 3 simple steps

MyIdentity has brought together the UK’s most
trusted Identity Providers, working to be certified based

on trusted industry and Government standards.


Ready to get your Proof of Identity?

How the MyIdentity proof
of identity process works

When you chose to verify your identity online through the MyIdentity scheme, you are just a few steps away from owning and controlling your own identity credentials and certificate.
This can help speed up your property transaction and
potentially save you having to do & pay for multiple identity checks.

By having access to your own certified proof of identity you can share it with your estate agent, conveyancer, lawyer, mortgage broker and lender, and in the future other organisations, when asked to prove your identity.


Verify your identity in 3 simple steps


Step One:

Choose a provider

Step Two:

Pay for your digital identity check


Step Three:

You are taken to your chosen provider enabling you to get your identity verified

Step One:

Choose a Provider

MyIdentity has a selection of leading identity providers for you to choose from.  Click on the providers’ icon to visit their website and learn more about them.

Please read the providers’ information carefully because each uses different methods for identity verification.

Step Two:

Confirm your provider


Once you are happy with your choice of
identity provider, click on the tick button
to confirm that provider. This is located at the
bottom of the ‘more information box’, visible when
you click on any provider Icon.

Step Three:

Check Out

You will be asked to check and confirm your
choice, confirm the price of your identity check and then
continue to payment.
After your payment has been confirmed
you will be forwarded to the IDSP’s website.

Use your ID

Once you have successfully verified your identity,
the identity provider will give you access to your own
secure online personal data store.
Your proof of identity will be securely stored here.
You own your proof of identity.
You can share your certified proof of identity
with your estate agent, conveyancer or lawyer,
financial advisor and mortgage provider.

This saves you having to do multiple identity checks

Use your ID
Ready to get your proof of Identity

Ready to get your Proof of Identity?