What is the Future of Digital Identity – Financial Crime Workshop

We are pleased to be joinging an expert panel on the 23rd May looking at The Future of Digital Identity – Financial Crime Workshop with the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) in collaboration with DWF.  The workshop will cover the latest key issues and concerns currently within the Fraud, Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering space across all FLA markets.

This half day in person workshop will include speakers from the FLA, Government, DWF, Ewan Willars (bank assured identity) and myself.

We’ll hear updates on:
A Digital Identity update from the Government.
A Cyber Threat session – Current risks and mitigations.
An AML session – What members should be doing in this space.
Economic Crime landscape developments over the next 12 months.
A Roundtable discussion with DWF Financial Crime experts.

For event details to attend go to to the FLA Website and register.

Great location The Fenchurch Building (The Walkie Talkie) London.