Digital Identity trust scheme pilot announced

Pleased to announce the launch of the digital identity trust scheme pilot project for the home buying & selling process, which is to start from October of this year until August 22. Known as MyIdentity , the scheme is designed to enable a consumer to get their identity verification done once, with the ability to then share that with other relying parties through the transaction.

As Housing Minister RT Hon Christopher Pincher MP said: “It is good to see the progress being made on rolling out this scheme. We know that buyers and sellers are confused and frustrated by the current process where they have their identity checked multiple times. A single check which can be relied upon by multiple parties will help us to deliver a modernised and better home buying experience.”

Offices in eleven areas – Battersea, Chiswick, Clapham, Putney, Wimbledon, Richmond, Kew, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Harrogate and York – are taking part in the year-long pilot scheme, with more set to be added next year.

MyIdentity press release Aug 21

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